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Harem by LilBluestem Harem by LilBluestem
I'm starting the art challenge again but I'm not feeling so hot, soooo... I'm going to cheat and upload a sketch I did a while back for this week's art.

In the RRC going on at :iconclubteentitansoc:, Tim has acquired through the magic of the ~*gem*~ emilythesmelly's Eve's powers (manipulating/controlling men as if they were in love with her), which used to crack me up... BUT since the start of the RRC way back when, Tim's actually gone through a lot of development. One of the best developments is that he's now bisexual. And that occurred to me a while back and led to one of the best/stupidest? midnight headcanon sessions ever, because Tim can actually USE that power without being weirded out by it. Not sure that would have stopped him before, but what I mean is that there's REALLY nothing stopping him now. **Legion reminded me that TIM HAS ALREADY USED THE POWER IN THE COMIC, and it was fabulous. But still, Tim being bisexual now kind of opens up more possibilities for how it can be used in the future...

I have no idea if I'm thinking about Eve's powers wrong, so maybe Emily can correct me, but I was assuming that it would affect men instead of "the opposite gender," especially since Eve herself is with another woman but only controls men (I'm actually really curious how this works with sexuality if the powers' effect DOES adjust to another user? Would it be the "opposite gender?" Does sexuality of the user matter--like if a pansexual had that power, could he/she control ALL genders? Is it strictly men? What about non-binary or asexual men--can they be controlled? These are very important hypothetical questions. EMILY HELP.) But at any rate, Tim would have a fun time messing with the guys and rubbing it in all their friends' faces.

And then there's the as if they were in love with him aspect of the power, which led to a bunch of headcanons about how the boys treat their loved ones and how that would translate to them loving on TIM... and doing his bidding. Josh being very touchy-touchy mothery, or James being fiercely protective. Blake and/or Shaw turning into aggressive competitive show-offs. Tim using ALL OF THAT TO HIS ADVANTAGE. c:<

So basically this is a picture of Tim with part of his Eve-mind-controlled harem. Admit it, it's a hilarious thought.

Here are some questions for YOU GUYS:

  • I already asked a bunch of questions of Emily, but I'm really interested in what she has to say about how Eve's powers would work in the hands of other people.
  • How do your guys show love to people?
  • How could Eve-powered Tim Baskerville abuse that? c:<
  • How would they react after snapping out of it and realizing that Tim had their brains and their hearts wrapped around his fingers?

Just a few thoughts for you to chew on. :dummy: Love you guys.

Josh, Tim, and Jeshula are mine.
James is LueniTitan's
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akrex Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Well I didn't see that coming XD
LilBluestem Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015
Josh and James didn't either. :I
akrex Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ThePsychoArtist Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
For TOO LONG has this piece of beauty been sitting in my inbox, waiting to be comment! Now tis the day I comment!

OMG!!! Despite the sketchy nature of it, this is freaking hilarious! I also didn't realize on how MUCH Tim has evolved over the past year. I do agree that this is the best development and I would LOVE to see more of, seriously. I love/hate him so much! Also, it's great to see your art in my inbox once again! :iconletmehugyouplz: c:

But if Tim were by any chance to meet any of my boys, I think it'll only effect three: FM, Malloy, and John. FM and John will be your usual "WTF just happen?" response, while Malloy.......haven't decided yet possibly making him bisexual as well . I see the three of them throwing their bodies out in front of a bullet for Tim (their lover) if they were under his control. Like, they'll be his best evil minions that anyone could have.
LilBluestem Featured By Owner Edited Jun 3, 2015
AHHHH no this is great!! Thank you!! :la: It makes complete sense. I think the only additional question I have on this topic I already asked on the picture you posted: whether or not she's able (and I guess whether it's POSSIBLE) to turn the power off. I got the impression that she could after she figured out how to actually use it better...

Ugh poor Mara. Tim is such an aggressive, in-your-face personality that he's MUCH better equipped to deal with not only the powers but the attention that comes with them. Like, compared with Mara, if somebody was getting aggressive and handsy with TIM, he would never really feel like he was in danger or being threatened--he's Tim Baskerville. He could roast the punk, but since he wouldn't be intimidated at all he'd just use the situation to his advantage. It's such a different dynamic in the hands of someone like Tim, who has a lot of experience controlling new and different powers and is basically a peacock, compared to someone like Mara being suddenly barraged with something she didn't understand, couldn't control, and which really did leave her in a vulnerable position...

For those reasons in addition to Emily's response, LegionGUA, I agree that the outcome with Raiden makes sense on your page!! c:
LegionGUA Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015
... Considering Tim's not supposed to have full, complete control over the powers in the gem, and Raiden's overall personality, I may have used Eve's power wrongly in the Round Robin Comic. My apologizes for that. Thank you for elaborating though. ^_^
emilythesmelly Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought you did a really good job with her/his powers!  I would say, regardless of the original intention, Tim's got a good handle on the powers in the gem right away, and I'm sure the fact that Tim and Raiden know each other (and are ultimately on the same side) makes him easier to manipulate.  
BomBright Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015   Digital Artist
The slippery slope of the gem's possible effect or non-effects aside, this is endlessly amusing to me. Like, Josh's face. JOSH'S FACE. The disappointment. AND TIM'S EVERYTHING. :iconcryforeverplz:

I think this power in Jo's hands is self-explanatory. ;) She's a heterosexual lady and would no doubt enjoy it. This power is Basia's hands would be kinda weird though, I'm getting some possible asexual/non-romantic vibes from her. She probably wouldn't like it much. 

Well my only guy-OC is really Hector, and he's going through some overhaul at the moment (Bad Bom, your male OCs need to be as fleshed out as your female ones >:0) so I'm not really sure how he'd react. I'm thinking he's probably flirty like his big sis, but probably more coy than her. Bah. I'll figure it out. 
Linzerj Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Pfft Lil I was laughing so hard for like 5 minutes when I saw this oh my gosh I love it

COULD TIM EVEN AFFECT ANY OF MY STUPID BUBUS?!?!! Like, I has no major male OCs. But even assuming the power affects females...

Liz is asexual aromantic, and is pretty much immune to everything anyway because she's dead, so he likely wouldn't get a ghostly minion. Even if he did idk what the heck that would be like, because I mean Liz is aromantic so like would she just treat him as a really good friend? Doing him favors and such in return for friend points? Like I'm sure she'd happily hang out with him and talk his ear off since that's what she does with all her good friends but idek man. As for snapping out of it, she'd probably sulk for a bit and then start trying to get Tim to be her friend for reals even though that's not how to start a good friendship Liz what are you even doing with your afterlife stop trying to be friends with everyone that's not how it works.

Violet doesn't find human males sexually or romantically appealing, so unless Tim manages to get some shapeshifting powers and turn himself into a gargoyle he's probably not getting a gargoyle minion either. If he could control her, well, gargoyles show affection via protection and also things like affectionate biting and roughhousing so Tim better be up for that. And also for Violet to likely literally try to tear him to pieces if/when she snaps out of it.

Laella is heterosexual so if his power works on women it'd probably be fairly easy to get her under his control. She shows her love through the little things - smiles and gifts every now and then. She's an awkward doofus when it comes to showing love basically, but she'd probably be up for doing favors and chores and shit if she was under Tim's control. Snapping out of Tim's thrall would involve a lot of yelling, threatening Tim, realizing she probably can't back up those threats because it's Tim freaking Baskerville, getting the heck out of dodge, and then using Tim's photo for target practice >:3

Carmen's demisexual, so like with Liz and Vi idk if he'd be able to get her since they have basically 0 interactions and Carmen has no emotional attachment to him. But if he could control her for whatever reason, he'd get a slightly unstable firebomb who will happily rob stores for him and save his butt if need be and also provide cuddles. Snapping out of it she'd probably start blowing up shit and set his place on fire and scream a lot, and then cry.

Brianna's bisexual too so she could probably be affected as well. She's used to getting shit for Carmen all the time so she'd probably be a good errand-thief, and also provides protection because of her bulletproof metal skin, plus also cuddles. WAIT I JUST REMEMBERED. If under his thrall, Tim could probably convince her to let him power-thieve her right? Because I remember that conversation we had on that one HFF about Tim and how you mentioned Bri being able to turn her invulnerability on and off would make it more desirable so if she fell under his thrall he could do it, he could take that power and be on his way Snapping out of it she would probably just run, though she might also try to punch him in the face if she can.

Basically Tim would get 4 people trying to kill him after they snap out of his thrall, and also a ghost trying to be his friend and annoying the hell out of him. :3
Sockless-Sheep Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015   General Artist
Yaaaaaaaaaas YOU POSTED IT :la: This daft doodle makes me so happy. Josh's face and little heart-eyed Jeshula. So perfect.

WELL WE ALL KNOW. HOW BRADLEY REACTS. TO THIS ASSHOLE. Even without magical man-lovin' powers. So. :I

Scott would probably just be the worlds best errand boy. And like, be actually inclined to hang AROUND. And remember Tim's name. Scott only bothers to remember the names of people he likes. c: ... Wait. If Scott Hopped away would he instantly forget why he was in love with Tim and go AWOL?? omg. Scott might be able to loop-hole out of Tim's grasp if that's the case?? :iconhappyhopperplz:

I can't stop laughing thinking about actual guard dog Gideon though. He's usually such a mild-mannered, chill dude who just wants to try his hardest to do good and be nice despite his wolfyness... Except he can literally tear a guy to shreds. HANDY FOR TIM?? Siiince he's a new bubu, idk much about how he expresses love, but he's gonna have a pretty big protective streak since he witnessed a horrible bloodbath of travelling buds during the werewolf attack soooo :dummy: omg. Him doing actual dog errands for Tim too. Fetching his slippers. Bringing in the newspaper. Pissing on the neighbours yard because Tim doesn't like their stupid smug faces...

This got long whoops! YOLOSWAG.

~ Sheep xx
LegionGUA Featured By Owner May 31, 2015
To be honest, I'd like to know Emily's answer to your questions as well, as I'm the one who actually made Tim use Eve's power in the RRC - and I've been worried that I did it wrong somehow ever since. ^^; As I said in the headcanon, Ana would probably show her love for others by cooking and cleaning for them - above and beyond the usual that is. She's still a kid at heart and a shy one at that. A measure of protection would also be thrown in, so... Tim would have a ninja maid? o.O Depending on how Eve's powers work, Tim might not be able to manipulate her to begin with though. And of course, the backlash of Ana snapping out of it might not be worth it to begin with. >:3
LilBluestem Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015
For the record, I thought what you did was perfect!! I absolutely loved it, and I'm pretty sure if you'd done something WRONG somebody would have pointed it out. c:> But I guess we'll both have to wait and see what Emily says. :eager:

Haaa... That's an excellent point. :I The backlash would not be fun. But if he could get away with it... c:< That would be one powerful person to fight his fights for him, and if she shows her love by performing actions for people, maybe it would be particularly easy for Tim to get her to do stuff for him, whether it's a fight or something menial like picking up his clothes from the laundromat? :plotting: Interesting thoughts, even if Eve's powers don't work that way.
LegionGUA Featured By Owner Edited Jun 1, 2015
Assuming he could, I imagine there are... consequences for trying to manipulate Ana like that. He would definitely have to be careful. I dunno if I should make that a full deviation or not so I'll keep it in my stash for now.
LilBluestem Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015

Ilu. Tread carefully, Baskerville. He deserves whatever consequences Karma throws at him. :I
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